summer road trip :: stage two

Carolyn and I just returned from a week with my family at Lake Powell – that ecological abomination in the desert. It was a real treat to get to see everyone for a few days – aunts, uncles, friends, brothers, sisters, and a grandma – coming from all over the country. Like most Meyer vacations, we left more sore, tired, and bruised than we arrived. The highlight of the Lake Powell trip is the “dawn patrol.” This means getting up at 5:30 to throw yourself out of the ski boat while the water is still glassy smooth. Here are a few pictures for you.
Wall and Waterski
Mom, C-lyn, Anneliese
Eric Skiing
Dad on Deck
At the moment, we’ve moved homebase from Southern Oregon to Eastern California. We are living in a little town on the edge of the mountains by the name of Bridgeport. More pictures to come…

3 Replies to “summer road trip :: stage two”

  1. WOW! Did Carolyn lose her locks and shave her head? I guess I haven’t been reading your blog close enough – totally missed that! Are you two gonna be at Mac and Melissa’s wedding? I would totally love to see you both!

  2. Thanks for the picts! Looks like the Meyer clan had a blast together. How long will you be in Bridgeport for?

    Jenelle and Cameron

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