good news :: first publication

This week I received an email with some good news. An essay I wrote last Spring at Regent on the poet Gerard Manley Hopkins and his major philosophical influence John Duns Scotus will be published in 2008 by the journal The Hopkins Quarterly. This marks the first time my words will be in print larger (and more reputable) than the school newspaper.

Needless to say I am excited and honored.

2 Replies to “good news :: first publication”

  1. Hey…Congratulations Eric! I’m looking forward to reading it, so when it comes out let us know. That feeling of being “published” is encouraging. I’d guess there’s lots more to come. I’ve been working on a couple more of my thoughts on the stuff you’re posting, but haven’t had the time to organize them into hopefully something coherent enough to share with others. I’ll get to it.

    Em Dog got into a fender bender last weekend with a drunk driver that left the scene. Not bad. No one hurt. Car’s also in pretty good shape too. Looks like it’ll need a new bumper and a little paint job.

    So it snowed. Does it go away once it’s on the ground. It’s 32 here. On the way home from Merced we hit pockets of 22 degree air. Pretty cold for around here and at this time of the year for sure.

    Say hi to my darlin daughter. Hope she’s takin a breather. Take care. Willy.

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