a thought about thinking

Modern thought patterns are marked by the attempt to understand everything in the simplest terms possible; which means, that if we are prone to any fallacy, it is that of reductionism. Recurrently we find this to be the case.

3 Replies to “a thought about thinking”

  1. Amen and amen. This is my constant frustration when preparing sermons. I want to “bring it” but I know that “it” will probably fly over the heads of those in attendance. This is why I admire those who have incredible rhetorical gifts. Clive Staples comes to mind. There is a fine art to presenting complex and sometimes non-linear ideas in a digestible and palatable form.

  2. I would nuance your your description to be ‘electronic-media-modern thought patterns’. Just 150 years ago, political debates were hours long and deep on policy issues. Now, we want the 20 second sound-bite to inform us on the issues.

    Hey, I just added two words to your description! Obviously, I am immune to this reductio ad absurdum trend. Or have I just fallen into your cleverly crafted trap?

  3. Uh oh, it sounds like you are exposing my attempt to express the essence of four-hundred years of thought across a staggering range of academic and non-academic disciplines in a single sentence.



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