4 Replies to “atheism and theodicy”

  1. I added my “two cents” to Ryan’s post, as he stired up quite a discussion. So for the record here they are:

    Thank you for the “alert” Ryan. A very relevant piece of work.

    My experience with people who subscribe to neo-atheistic theodicy can be generalized as being reactive to dogmatic religious experiences particularly those that have a high degree of “you should” “you ought” types who believe they have attained the ultimate in purity and therefore experience unity with God. This comes from any religion. I feel very sorry for these folks, all of them, since they have unfortunately bought into one of the most basic forms of evil – self righteousness. In a way, the seeds sown by the religious have sprouted self righteous spirited atheists who as you have identified have created their own sense of justice, and as you have note can be rooted in the Judeo-Christian tradition.

    I find it interesting that as people of any religious orientation find what they understand to be their idea of truth, that the seeds of self righteousness germinate obscuring the sense of humility that usually comes with the understanding of the revelation of what is hoped to be truth. One way or another, there is a faith response to what is seen as evil.

    I like to think, truth of this nature is unearned. This doesn’t mean that this kind of truth comes without effort, however. I don’t have much of an explanation of this. I do know the church is now preparing for Taize – as it comes in the form of prayer:

    We ask you, Lord: what do you expect of me?
    And the Holy Spirit answers:
    I pray in you
    Dare to give your life
    Dare to go that far.

    Brother Rodger of Taize

    The issue at stake for those who care at all, is trust.

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