seven hundred billion

“Decisions must be judged in light of what they do for the poor, what they do to the poor, and what they enable the poor to do for themselves. The fundamental moral criterion for all economic decisions, policies, and institutions is this: They must be at the service of all people, especially the poor.”

National Conference of Catholic Bishops 1986, §24.

6 Replies to “seven hundred billion”

  1. Do you think this is what they had in mind yesterday in congress? My guess is… probably not.

    I’m not saying that this cushion for the falling banks won’t indirectly help some poor folks, but I’m nearly certain that it wasn’t authored with them in mind.

    Come Lord Jesus,

  2. As Naomi Klein recently stated (on the Colbert Report), the Bush administration has invented ‘no-risk’ capitalism. They spent seven years transferring public money into private hands and their final act is to transfer private debt into public hands. Ouch.

  3. Yeah, I have a feeling that the Republicans are going to have a hard time regaining the image of “fiscal conservatism.”

    Not that many are even trying. Most of the talk these days is about getting rid of taxes. Given the growth in the power of global banks and corporations, this tack is actually pushing at the “liberal” edge. The conservative position would work toward more regulation and likely more (and smarter) taxes.

    “One small step on mankind, one giant leap for plutocracy!”

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