ends and odds

I’ve tweaked a few tweaks and found a few more ways for folks to connect to the few words that appear here from time to time:

1. If you’d like to receive posts via email, you can feed your address to a new little box in the sidebar (down at the bottom) and any new post will be delivered to your inbox within fifteen minutes (or it’s free!). Sorry no dipping sauce for the crusty bits.

2. If you are a facebookee, you can follow the blog via facebook and see new posts as news events within your regular feeds. Sign up here. While you are there, I’m apparently three people one person shy of being “confirmed” as the disreputable author of this blog (whatever that accomplishes). Most days I’m still fairly certain that I am indeed Eric Daryl Meyer, if you agree, there’s a button for you to express such opinions.

3. I’ve recently joined Twitter, you can find me there as: ericdaryl

While we’re at it, here are a few posts (of varying freshness) that I’ve recently found insightful, illuminating, or entertaining:

Brad flushes out more rats than he knows what to do with.

R.O. analyzes his lack of enthusiasm.

Craig parses some differences within Critical Animal Studies

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