Drew Transdisciplinary Theology Conference: Divinanimality

I’ve spent the weekend at Drew University in Madison, New Jersey at the annual Transdisciplinary Theology Conference. This year’s theme is “Divinanimality: Creaturely Theology.” As with other smaller conferences with a tightly focused theme that I’ve attended, this has been a really fantastic opportunity to connect with people whose professional interests and methods are very close to my own, and scholars whose work I encounter often. I enjoy these so much more than the mega-circus of the AAR!

I’m very grateful for all the work that students and faculty have done to make this a fantastic conference. The organizers also arranged for the student papers to be live-streamed, and archives of those video feeds are still available. So, if you are interested in hearing my paper (“The Logos of God and the End of Man: Animality as Light and Life”) or excellent papers from Erika Murphy and Terra Rowe, then here they are! My paper begins at about 38 minutes in. Other student papers are also available if you search “DrewTTC” on the site.

Apologies and hand-wringing are certainly appropriate for the paucity of posts here lately, but drama about that sort of thing doesn’t usually mean that more posts are on the way. I can’t promise that it will get a lot better, but I’ll post some news here and again for the few hopeful souls that pop by.

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